Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The untold truth about the statue of rishi “Pulastya”

The magnificent statue made purely from stone represents rishi “Pulastya”; Grandfather of great king “Shri Ravana”. Rishi “Pulastya” lived in very same area where this stone statue is located and this area was known as “Pulastya pura” in old days, but recently it was changed as “Polonnaruwa”. Rishi “Pulastya” was a Brahman and lived a peaceful life doing meditation in a forestry area called as “Thapo wanaya”. But our historians are intentionally masking this details from us.
Our archaeological approach for this statue
Why do we say this statue represent rishi “Pulastya” and how do we prove that? We strongly emphasize that this statue represent rishi “Pulastya” and not king “Parakramabahu”.Today’s common believing is this statue represent king “Parakramabahu”. If  you are also in that mind set just take a look at our logic and then judge......
  • Its wearing a sacred thread which is normally worn by rishis. In our language we call it “ura noola”.
  • He is wearing a special cap which is called as “Thalappawa” in Sinhala which is normally worn by rishis and commoners. Where a king should wear a crown.
  • Statue clearly demonstrate a simple personality. He is not even wearing slippers. But our kings, specially kings like “Parakramabahu” who even invaded Miyanmar in his time hard to believe such simple.
  • He is carrying an ancient script(writing) in his hand which is called as “Arka pathra”. We all know that rishis’ are the people who worked on scripts and they are known as very good scribers where our great king “Parakramabahu” owed fame for military achievements and agricultural administrations.
  • The place where this statue is located was known as “Pulastya pura” in old days. “Pulastya pura” means “City of Pulastya”. So you can see a connection.


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