Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maligawila Sri Ravana statue, “Avalokitheswara”

The magnificent stone standing statue located in famous historical place in Sri Lanka called “Maligawilla”. The Statue represent a royal or divine personality with jewelleries and crown but more suits to a great king- a “Sakvithi”* king. There are some special features in this sculpture including a dragon mark in waist chain, a “Buddha’s” picture in the crown symbolises some special personality.
Our Archaeological approach
With strong clues and facts we declare that this statue stands for “Sri Ravana” and here it demonstrates one of “Sri Ravana’s” image- “Avalokitheshwara”. Since “Sri Ravana” expecting to become a “Buddha” in future, he is considered as a “Bodhisathva” in Buddhism and “Avalokitheshwara” is the name he has been given when he started devoting for  that great purpose.
Our clues;

  • In his crown, there is a picture of “Lord Buddha”. In our statue sculpturing culture, when a “Buddha’s” image is carved on a crown, the person who is baring that accepted as a “Bodhisathva”. And here also it is shown. And “Maligawilla” this statue is identified as “Avalokitheshwara bodhisathva”.
  • “Sri Ravana” was the pioneer to bring dragon “thorana” to temple and dragon concept was closely related with “Sri Ravana”. So in this picture also a dragon symbol can be seen.
  • His gesture matches with other “Avalokitheshwara” statues in Sri Lanka.


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