Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rishi Wishrawas and his royal horse

This stone sculpture which is located at famous “Isurumuniya Vihara” represents a person who is in deep thought and decisive posture. A horse head can be seen just near to his right shoulder. The person has a bare top. The sculpture has a head dressing. Also “poona nula”- a thread which is worn by ancient rishi’s  can be seen. The archaeologists bears a very peculiar opinion  about this magnificent sculpture. They name this as “Man and Horse” and its sounds very funny because even a person who do not possess an archaeological knowledge  can comment like above mere giving a glance at this sculpture. Its been very strange of them that they do not even try to identify who is this so called “Man” and the purpose of making this kind of a sculpture in a rock.So it is a timely need to reveal who is in this sculpture and the story behind.

Who is Rishi “Wishrawas”- Also called as “Wishwath Muni, Wesa Muni and Waishravana” ?
Rishi “Wishrawasa” was the father of “Sri Ravana, Kubhera, Kumbukkan(Kumbhakarna), Vibhishana, Kara, Dhushan” and he had his kingdom in an area called “Wessagiriya” in famous “Anuradhapura” today. He was one of the richest rulers in that time and also proficient in “Vedha, Martial arts, Meditation, Astrology and other extreme science”.
In Buddhism there are four major gods who are honoured as world controlling gods by “Lord Buddha”. Among this four “Waishravana” owes the first place.
Our archaeological approach to this sculpture .With clear evidences we claim this sculpture represents not just a “MAN” but “Sri Ravana’s” father, great rishi “Waishravana or Wishrawasa”.
How do we claim so?
The clues.......!

  • Head dressing (much more similar to a rishi’s appearance)
  • “Poona nula”- a thread worn by people like rishi’s who live by meditation.
  • His royal gesture (the way he is sitting and the royal gesture which is extremely relaxed and very deep personality, his facial expressions more suits not just for a “MAN” but for a royal person)
  • In the very same area – “Isurumuniya vihar” there is another sculpture represents rishi “Wisharavas- Waishravana” so this scultpture is not just a “MAN”.


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