Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dagaba (Chaithya) & Pyramid Concept

People in ancient Egypt and sri Lanka  built their giant Monuments called  Pyramids and Dagaba(Chaithya)  Orayan  Stars accurately.  Maha ravana  king from Kashyapa Buddhas time  Maha Ravana  advised his followers his aftermath to build Dagaba  which resembles Vimana technology  the “king’s chamber “ was surprisingly directed to certain constellations the concept of dagaba did not come with Gautama Buddha to sri lanka it dates back to time of load ravana
In Ranmayanaya  it has clearly said that
"Rama and his monkey army (uncivilized human) destroyed the dagaba located at Ashokawanaya destruction of "Nikumbila Dagaba" by monkey Hanuman  and his uncivilized human . In there Ravana generation records clearly shows that they had  knowledge about the solar system.


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