Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sri Ravana Bridge

This bridge runs from mannar to rameshwaran in india. Presently called as “Adams bridge and Sethu samudra”. But all these names are wrong. No archaeologically proofs are found that adams walked in this bridge or any relation with this. Not even in our known history. The famous “Ramayan” story which was written by “Valmikee” is nothing but a fraud purely fabricated in the favour of Indians- and it is caught red handed by story itself. In that so called ramayan, before rama make this bridge, they themselves admits that ravana controlled india and his subordinates-Kara dushana, (Janakasthan and Dandakarnayan). So according  to this scenario, in order to control india, it is necessary to have army transportation, trading and other requirements is a must. So we can conclude with clear evidences that this bridge was built by Sri ravana. Here are some facts from so called famous “ramayan”

  • Invasion of Kailasa (paragraph 14)
  • Sri Ravana and Vaishravana duet (15)
  • Vali and Ravana friendhip and how it was built 34
  • Vali and Ravana friendhip and how it was built 34

Through out the story we have clear proofs from the ramayan itselt that King Ravana and his army continuously travelled to india.Not only that King Ravana’s grand fathers like Mali, Sumali, Malyawan went in to war with Vishnu (Vishwath manu). So how did such an army travelled to india? There are enough proofs for that.
This bridge was built scientifically using rich technology is not a creation of under developed low cast ape tribes like “Vanara” and a person like Rama who had no any support even from his very own father. When the war broke out army leaders who controlled this bridge blew it off in several points to avoid or hinder the passing massive “Ape” army.  This bridge which was constructed by Hela in Lanka, and King ravana repaired this for good. A middle thinker can see like that.
There fore we here by declare that the best name for this bridge is “Ravana Bridge”


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